all there is

Bob Dylan - Boots Of Spanish Leather .mp3

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when you walk
through the mirrors of age
with your memory collapsed

do not let go of
the wrinkles
of my face
or that distant sound
"i love you"

what else is there?
though it may not be enough
"i love you"
still it is more
than the world.

the universe
so isolated
is nothing
but a speck of dust
that shimmers

you may not always remember
what is real
or rather why
"i love you"
i will call your name
and kiss you
on your cheek
in the paleness
of october
and cry
the maternal tears
of a thousand wars

the rivers
may not always flow
the country sun
may not always
give you just enough
the sons of the world
may never come home
your gods will die
i will always
be here

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kelsey. said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I loved it.