VIA Design 3.0 Exhibition, Paris

here are selections from the design exhibition at Centres Pompidou, Paris
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Costes by Philippe Starck, 1982

Arc by Pascal Mourgue, 1983

Dole Melipone by Philippe Starck, 1982

Ray Nolde by Philippe Starck, 1983

Theophile by Marc Berthier, 1984

Sala by Pierre Clairefontaine, 1985

Hiro-Hito by Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, 1988

Palmer by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, 1988

La Lune by Andree Putman, 1990

Profil by Jean Nouvel, 1989. Now produced by Ligne Roset

Butterfly by Delo Lindo, 1992

Elements by Mathieu Lehanneur, 2006

La Pliee by Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral, 2007. Now produced by Ligne Roset

Bois Mousse by Francois Azambourg, 1999

Right in Tension by Saleem Bhatri, 2004

Etagere Pour Livres by Philippe Nigro, 2005