Points Of View Exhibition . The British Library

Photography in progress: An exhibition of 19th-century life

The hippopotamus at the Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park, London (1852) . Don Juan Carlos

Portrait of William Henry Fox Talbot (early 1840s) . Antoine Jean Francois Claudet

An oak tree in winter (c1842-43) . William Henry Fox Talbot

Hastings from the beach, low water (c.1864) . Francis Frith

Trilithons B and C from the south-west, Stonehenge (c.1867) . Ordnance Survey

A Sharpshooter's Last Sleep, Gettysburg (July 1863) . Alexander Gardner

Helmet of the Emperor Charles V, in the Royal Armoury, Madrid (c.1862) . Charles Clifford

Street life in London: Workers on the Silent Highway (1876-7) . John Thomson

Village near Yokohama (c1869) . Wilhelm Burger

X-ray photograph of frogs (1890s) . Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta

Construction work on the Central line of the London Underground (1898)

Printing Kodak negatives by daylight, Harrow (1891)

Portrait of Oscar Wilde, New York (1882) . Napolean Sarony

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