The whole of life and its meaning is different everyday for everyone or specifically the individual.
It is the constant struggle of search and reflection.
All of truth or "individual objectivity" is all the man knows up until that point,
all that he is, all that he has seen.
But all that he has seen can change spontaneously or with devoted reflection.
Whatever you may believe, fate, deities, or the self. It is all that you have
and that does make up the whole of who you are.

On words.
All words are false.
They are made up of what we know, never telling or explaining what we don't.
It gives the perception of objects that we have seen through experience.
Think about two different languages. The words learned from one are completely based on all
the other languages that you already know.
That is because objects can not be independently created or independently described in words. Words restate what we already know.

On Time.
Time does not give us anything. It is the perspective of understanding.
Time is derived from the ignorance of human intelligence. An object does not understand time.
Time is often mistakenly perceived as something more or something that may give us more.
The individual that lives the experience of 100 men has parted with time 100 times that of the common man. Time is past, there is no time in the future.
(The phrase, "If only I had more time." is rather comical if perceived in this context)

On Things.
The man desirous of everything must be ready to leave all that he has.
A home... keeps us in. It keeps us chained to what we have. Home is based on fear, it gives us a "safe haven". This comfort makes a man ignorant of all that he is frightful to see (or what he cannot see from the confines of his house). Because intellectual search or devotion puts man in a state of unease, we have come to ignore that altogether and use material objects to serve as a coping mechanism for our need of devotion. (gods can be considered as material objects too)

On Beauty
Beauty is tragic.
It is the realization of all that can be or is will never be more or less than what it really is.
It is the realization that all things are temporary.

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