Love should not be lived in the future or the past. This is the mistake most people make when they guard the concept of love instead of love itself. You can not truly be in love when you romanticize the idea of love. Both of these loves are quite nihilistic in principal. To love in the future tense is only to fall in love with the idea of oneself being in love. An experience should not be arised at before it is experienced. It is no longer phenomenological but overshadowed.

There are those who believe that love needs a rich past. That would also be considered a selfish, nihilistic, love. It is only for the pleasure of memories and personal security. Memories should be able to be forgotten when wished. These things, they are all trivial, because life is an individualistic journey and the most fatal flaw of human life is that one would never love another more than oneself. How could you when you will never understand the other as much as she/he understands herself/himself and vice versa. The two are never one, always separated.

Some ask me... what if you are willing to die for your love? is that not real? First, this does not prove your love for the subject to be greater than the love for yourself. I am not saying love does not exist, it does. There also arises the question of preservation of the loved by the lover. This may only be a premeditated act to preserve your creation. But to will and to do are different. It would be a short term act of love if one died for their love without the questioning of reason. This however will only remain in the present. Is love not over when one dies? There is no one to love anymore but memories. If, eventually, i have to live in memory, I would rather die and have nothing than to compromise for grief.
Your first love is your true love and your true love is your first love, then your first love must be your current love because true love is in the present tense.

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